Jon K. J. "Jeff " Bartz

Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter                                                         San Juan Guitarworks

Jon "Jeff" Bartz (photo from 2016)

Jon with his old pal Dakota, who starred with Farrah Fawcett, Rod Steiger, Powers Boothe and Peter Coyote in the 1996 TV movie, "DALVA", as Farrah's Appaloosa

Recording Artist Jon K.J. "Jeff" Bartz is a multi-faceted Singer/Guitarist whose repertoire extends from Country and Western to older Blues, Soft Rock, Jazz Standards, and Classical/Spanish Guitar. For much of the last decade until the Covid 19 shutdown, Jon was the house Singer/Guitarist at the internationally renowned Matxain Etxea Basque Restaurant in San Juan Bautista, CA., playing four nights a week, while regularly playing Sunday Afternoon concerts at various San Francisco Bay Area venues. Jon's new CD, "Old Trails New Saloons II" is available on E-bay. One of the songs, "THE DARING YOUNG COWBOY" is a featured video below, with other videos featuring selections from Jon's new CD, "BLUES PLATE SPECIAL".  Other CDs are in various stages of completion and licensing, and will be released later this year.

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From my soon to be released CD, "OLD WINE", a Medley dedicated to RockMilady, a "Guitar Goddess" whose version of Bach's "Toccata & Fugue" inspired me to return to my roots. Tracks: 1. "Angel's Harp" (Jon K.J. Bartz), 2. Variations on "Greensleeves", 3. "Out The Bach Door".

IN THE PINES (My Girl, My Girl, Don't You Lie To Me)

From my CD "Blues Plate Special", IN THE PINES is the mournful story of lost, unrequited love. The song has been recorded by everyone from "Lead belly" to Nirvana. Originally a Folk/Blues song, it has been recorded in other genres from Bluegrass to Jazz. I learned this version in the mid 60's.


This is a spoof "Love Song" loosely based on The Daring Young Man On The Flying Trapeze. From my CD, "OLD TRAILS NEW SALOONS" (available on E-bay)


TROUBLE IN MIND is a very old traditional Folk/Blues song recorded the way I learned it nearly 60 years ago. From my soon to be released CD, "Blues Plate Special".


This song has been around since the 1500's in one form or another. From my soon to be released CD, "BLUES PLATE SPECIAL".


Sleepy Joe's Blues doesn't represent anyone livin' or dead. Well, sorta doesn't, but that's my story and I'm stickin' to it! The Punchline is at the end, so watch it all, or miss the joke!


Old Trails New Saloons Playlist

Prints of "Stay on eight seconds" are available from the Artist Dennis Moreno at 408/888-2553

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Country/Western CD, released January 1, 2020.

Recently completed CD. Medieval, Celtic, Baroque, Renaissance, and Spanish Instrumentals. Not yet released.

Recently completed CD (Old Standards). Not yet released.

CD in progress (old style Blues).

CD in progress (Exotic sounds of Nature with Guitar)

CD in progress (Beach and Island Music)